RD ( / Caroll, Iowa, USA)

Never To See His Face Again

Shattered shards of my life lying in cluttered confusion
Ominous storm clouds obscuring the sun
Brown eyes smiling as he grabbed his lunch bag on the run
Joined by friends, off to school for learning and fun
My pride, my joy, my teenage son
A vicious streak of silver caught by the sun's ray
A strange hush intruded, struck by horror, unable to say
Their hopeles outrage, looking down as my son in a pool of blood lay.
Victim of a fellow student's sick rage
This monster who belongs in a cage
Do these creatures have a soul-are they made of human clay?
Dear God, Just take them all away
Help me to bear the pain, the horror, the outrage of this day
My sons beloved body lowered into the ground
No peace, no forgiveness, has my soul found
Just the sick grief of his terrible loss
Supported by family and friends, all I can think of are his dreams
And my mother's soul internally screams
Against the senseless violence our Society Gleams.

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