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Never Too Old To Fall In Love

The gift of love in a person live until she or he does die
And that you are never too old for to fall in love is surely not a lie
The gift of love to it does not have an age it belongs to old and young
Of love poems and stories written and of love songs are sung
There are so many forms of love as love is a part of life
The love of a woman for her husband the love of a man for his wife
The love of parents for their children the bond of love is strong
To every race of human kind the gift of love belong
Songs of love of young people the pop singers do sing
But that love it can grow strong with age is an amazing thing
Love does not have an age to it and love lives on in time
It has been known to grow stronger in people far beyond their lives prime
That love does have an age to it surely is a lie
One is never too old for to fall in love and never too young to die.

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This poem could read better if it had some kind of punctuation. As it is right now, it has many faults such as: The gift of love to it does. For the zero punctuation here this line does not mean anything in a clear way. It is not complete. And this: ...and of love songs are sung. If one sees what comes before and after, the line is confusing and so needs work. One more among other things: the gift of love belong when it should be belongs to agree with subject and verb. This poem needs much work to work as a true poem that means more than a cliche of lines and words. Even the rhyme scheme is too lose to work well here. I could point others details, but this will have to do now. Thanks you for your effort and go to work. KIndly yours, Luis Estable PS This is to help you not to hurt you. If I want to do that, I have to be honest about what I think of your try.