Never Try

Never try

Tuesday, January 23,2018
8: 44 AM

Never try
With lies in the mind
You will never find
Solution of any kind

You may dream
For making team
Include many members also
But it shall not go smoothly

Dreamers have no firm ground
No result can be found
Dreams remain dreams only
It adds only worries

Nothing can be changed
Until you have power to manage
Everything can be done at will
The gap also can be filled

The myth may remain myth only
You should witness it happily
The destiny is set for all
You can wait for good call

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (6)

Very true Hasmukh Sir, your words reflect people's mindset. Rubina Shaikh, Mumbai, Jan 24,2018
Supratik Sen, Kolkata, Jan 24,2018 Hasmukh Bhai, may I make a little change in the first stanza? Never try With lies in the mind And lice on the head You will never find This unkind fiend KH Prabhu, Kumta, Karnataka - 581343, Jan 24,2018
So practical. I like to read your poems, Sir. So simple yet they touch upon the most complex realities of our lives. :) Chirasree Bose, Hyderabad, Jan 24,2018
Good one! Bring them on. Supratik Sen, Kolkata, Jan 24,2018
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