AA ( / Dulce, New Mexico)

Never Wanted You To Go

Seeing you lay in bed,
I couldn't stop the tears that wanted to shed.
I hate seeing you this way,
There's nothing I could do so I started to pray.
As I hold your hand so gently,
So fragile like you'll break so easily.
My last moments with you would only be a delay,
But I don't want to be the reason you'll try to stay.
Hearing you say I love you, my sorrow grew.
So I choked back my tears and said.
Jesus would be with you all the way,
You don't have to say goodbye,
but only that I'll see you again someday.
I'll always love you mom,
Your love will always make me strong.
I love you more than anything,
Couldn't help but recall our memories
not knowing where to begin.
I know great things heaven will bestow,
But in the end I never wanted you to go...

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