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Never Will I Surrender
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Never Will I Surrender

Thinking less of what one is, is a form of surrender.
Choosing to walk away is a most bitter surrender.
Allowing one to see what cannot be is ones will to protect what one must.

Learning to value ones wisdom is freedom of the simplest kind.
Knowing that there able to trust, is beauty few will ever find.

Looking love in the face beyond doubt or reason is like finding your way home through the hardest of seasons.

Which way one must turn is always the chance we take,
Will they choose another or will they Surrender and give love its place?

When one has doubt and the other loves strong, what middle ground can bring them it all?

Does one heart linger, and the other go astray? Do they both become bitter and take separate ways?

Never will I surrender what faith I have in him,
Never will I doubt that my trust was misgiven.
Nor will I sit in the shadows and count what may be left,
Of a heart that was loved or the tear drops that have been given.

I cannot explain this emptiness that I feel,
Or how much I know this love was real.

Only that he has choosen his path,
And must walk mine.
And maybe someday we will come together and Surrender and become one with time.

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