Never You

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

I will float away on westward wind,
Leaving all memories behind,
The renewal of a soul rendered fustian,
To a better place and time,

I know it's all within myself,
I'll dig deeper every day,
The frigid place to melt,
As the warm winds gently sway,

I'll find the girl that I once was,
And hold her tight when I do,
My slate will then be wiped clean because,
You never existed, there was never you,

Comments about Never You

Starting on a clean slate Vallerie? i think wind is blowing strong out there...westwards! nice write...the wind of strong will blows off the pain...10
I am very happy to meet you, Vallerie. Your poems are really amazing. Jolanta
Love this poem more than I can say. Great write. All the best, Diane
Great ending to a great poem, Vallerie! Brian
Theres a nice feel about your poem.Liked it. Ashish

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