Nevr Be Replace

Poem By Nani Kaaihue

My love for you
Can never be replace
No man or boy can take you away
So hold me in your arms and
We'll be closer than before

I remember that day
When we first met
It was a school day
When we both binked heads

I remember that day i watched you pratice
I can never forget
When we played against
Each other

I remember that day
It was our schools banquet
I danced with you
And I felt as if I was floating upon a cloud

I remeber that night
we spent hours on the phone

It was you who put
Together my world
So I hold you in my heart
And there it will stay
Until death comes it way

When we both die
You and I will still
Be together with God we'll

I wanted to dedicate this poem to o boy
I love....

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read it for its simplicity.

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