New 2013 Poem

Tears falling down the sides of my face as I try to analyze why?
Too many times I have put out for others and still alone Im left to cry
Heart sinking deep into the memories of all the moments that have gone,
Years have passed and still I cant say im too proud of much that I have done,
As the days go by, I feel the pressure upon my chest,
Life gets harder and I feel the slowing of my breath,
I push forward with disguises to the world my smiles to me become a pest,
Some nights I stay up wondering what would be the agony to my death?
Im done with the silent hurting and the pain Ive held inside,
Im tired of being too kind because people don't know how to swallow their pride,
Can't take being pushed aside while those who don't deserve receive,
Just because others are too stupid to realize when the hell they've been deceived,
Forget the sweet girl with the heart of gold,
it's twenty thirteen that good girl act shht is pretty fcking OLD,
I'd like to see another motherplucker try to come up in my face and act phony,
i'd slap that trick up real quick like what up I thought oscar mayer branded bologna,
Naw, but shht real, what up with the hypocrisy in the world nowadays,
That shit making me feel like i want to be reborn and reraised,
into a different generation,
where people knew how to act right and everyone in the universe understood the power of collaboration,
I mean at least give a helping hand and show some cooperation,
there are people dying out here,
Whats the update on the crime rate, can we check the population?
Where are peoples heads right now?
Im seeing more selfish souls,
what happened to empathy or sympathy?
Knowing the struggles we all have gone through no one supports the main goals,
our nation is to bring salvation to those who are in need...
People walk around with darkened hearts full of envy and incomprehensible greed,
Not willing to for a second put their foot in another's shoes,
Yes people are crackheads and druggies because they are paying their dues,
Understand everyone can change if they were offered a helping hand,
Not everyone is meant to be subjected to anyones every demand,

not finished

by Yolaine Viera

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