MM (28th of March 1993 / Chiocago, America)

New 4 You

Sup, I'm new here
Maybe it's new for me write poetry online
It seems a lil bit queer for me
But no fear

I'm know for liking writting and that's why I'm here
To write my own poems and prose
I need your comments, I need support
Just like those fans who cheer for the players oon the court

That's my first poem or lyrics
Call it what you like
Cuz I'm gonna fight
To get my name and fame

If you don't know me then open your ears pleeze
Firstly, happy new year
I'm MaNiC MoE
They call me MANiC cuz I'm never static
I ain't immutable
Cuz everywhere is sutable for me
I'm 13
Which means I'm a 'teen'
I'm so keen
I like writting as you can see
I like movement, I like sports
I play tennis and street basketball
Although I ain't tall
That's enough stuff!

I'd like to ask a question
How was it when you first came here
Were you shivery or bullish or what? ?

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