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New Age People And Greenies

I do not understand these new age people
They say for the Planet's sake we ought to change
But they drive cars, burn fuels and live in houses
For how they speak in ways they do act strange.

They tell you of the best ways to save the Planet
But they don't seem to practice what they preach
At weekends they pollute the coastal highway
Like rednecks do as they drive to the beach.

I do respect greenies and new age people
And they are well intended it would seem
But if you can't put what you feel into practice
Then you are letting off some useless steam.

I am not a greenie or a new age person
And I don't like rednecks for what they say and do
But I am one who causes much pollution
And I am not one of the chosen few.

If we are serious about the Planet
We should return to ways of stone age man
And get rid of motor cars and all pollutants
But that doesn't seem to fit the modern plan.

I do not understand these new age people
Their actions contradict the words they say
They too like rednecks give rise to pollution
And sad to think that there is some price to pay.

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