New Age

They travel
The three of them
According to secret charts
Mysterious tables and ledgers
They are kings of magic and wisdom
They have read the signs for years
Now they see them
They follow
In all their wisdom
They do not really know
The meaning
In the celestial wheel
But they follow without error

They know this land's king
Bitter and fearful
Will not be put off
And will imagine in his jealousy
To change the courses of the stars
But they sigh
Knowing all kings
Are merely pawns
Like themselves

Weeks of travel
Thinking they know why
And what they serve
Yet empty of understanding
Blind to their own purpose

They arrive
On a clear night
They do not need to confirm
Their destination
The charts they hold are lost
The ledgers illegible
The tables have turned
Even as they humble themselves
Among the beasts of the field
Even as they kneel into the straw
And present their meager gifts
Dawn breaks in their hearts
And they see their secrets
Their magic, their wisdom
Their kingships
Are all condemned
Are all as nothing
Before this new age
Where even the timeless stars
Bow low and do obeisance to
Their newly born Creator

by D A Phinney

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