New And Approved! ! ! !

Poem By Roberto Camtoe

Here is a poem that is not dirty.
There is no swearing or back talk.
I will attempt to write it good and wordie.
And i hope no one shall mock.

I am no poet and i shall admitt it.
But please cut me some slack.
it may take a bit.
But if i do good then you
shall pat me on the back

i hope everyone is happy with
my new and approved poem
that it not dirty or rude.

Comments about New And Approved! ! ! !

there is a difference between being dirty and rude in a poem, and being simply vulgar for no reason. It's not the language nor the content, it's the way that you conveyed it that has no poetic qualities about it, besides a poor rhyme scheme thats forced and sounds terrible.

4,5 out of 5
8 total ratings

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