IU (3 december 1939 / Village Finta, Dambovitza)

New Aphorisms

The evil spirit of the world is becoming noisier so that man hasn't more time to think at his soul and so easier to fall
Awareness reflect God's image, while the mirror reflects the human face.
Faith precedes knowledge because it starts from a inner persuasion, while knowledge starts from a natural curiosity
Experience is nurtured from its own expansion
Begin a new day removing every evil thought and trace of resentment from your minds and hearts
Who gossips you today, tomorrow you will despise and revile you
Gifts offered by God to people and remained undiscovered, die with them
If we don't work, in a good sense, satan takes care to give us to work
Man combines both material and spiritual the whole universe
Before you need good professionals in any field, a country needs good people
Unconfessed sins lead to death of the soul

(translated from romanian)

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