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Poem By Always About Love

I've liked you for a while now,
so being around you makes me really nervous.
I get sweaty palms, my heart beats faster, and my stomach gets butterflies.
you make me smile so much, that my cheeks begin to hurt! !
The world around me doesn't even matter.
I only see you and nothing else.
Why do i feel this way? I dont know.
Is it your sense of humor?
your laughter? smile?
is it the way you look at me?
with those charming hazel eyes?
is it your touch?
its gotta be your touch... right?
the way you grab me, how you touch my body with your big strong hands.
how you caress my face and play with my hair..
no, maybe its your kiss?
you hard and soft but gentle kiss,
the way you move your lips on mine.
and the way you seduce me slowly.
i dont know.
i dont know what it could be..
i've liked you for a while now.
so being around you makes me so nervous.
my palms get sweaty,
my heart beats faster,
and i get butterflies in my stomach...

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