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New Day Dawning
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

New Day Dawning

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Upon the darker side of huminty,
Lies a hidden deed.
Nature beckens & whispers,
Can you not hear me?

Bright sunshine clears the heavens,
Raindrops fall down.
Clouds roll away, sliding they pass with no sound.

Crickets make the music that calls us to the night,
Gazing into the moonlight, searching for your star bright.

Again it brings it's newness,
It's always forgiving ways.
New Day Dawining brings the message,
Mistakes & forgiveness are always made.

Then it reminds you, tomorrow begins again.
And the New Day Dawning will rise and always allow you to try again.

It linger's not on your failures,
It holds no stone to toss.
It only allows you the chance to reep what field you crossed.

New Day Dawning gives us laughter,
Tears of the bravest kind.
Joy from the heart so beautiful,
Sadness is a worry left far behind.

New Day Dawning is our shelter,
Our light in all the storms.
Keep your light shining till the New Day Dawning is reborn.

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