BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

New Days

Sometimes throughout particular days,
Something strikes my mind.
It could be a scent, a glance, something of any kind.
It takes me back to her and them.
The ones that ruled my world.
I have become programmed to keep the bad thoughts away..
Because I'm surrounded by New Days.

They say time heals all wounds,
To some that may be true.
But the scars run very deep, take different avenues.
They are connected like rivers and the scars are like dams,
Memories bunching up, unable to be released.
Then there come the New Days.

This is the cycle, one that never ends,
Takes away traditions, and starts new trends.
Some may be better and some not so much,
But is seems to be the New Days that make your battered heart easier to touch.

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