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New Drug

I started this new drug
more than a month ago
It's ingredients are very different
in return I get quid pro quo

I started the dosage small
and in time I gradually increased
It wasn't in capsule form
and not even time released

I must say it made some improvement
on the emotional scene
You could tell by my poetry writing
that my word took on lighter mean

This new drug is very addictive
I must admit I take more than I need
But I'm sure the doctors won't mind
because there's no prescription to read

If you haven't figured it out yet
the new drug I legally found
Put on your best sleuth hats
and just have a look around

First...you should look in the mirror
It is you that I hope you see
Second..your reading my poetry
Put together...that's the new drug for me: O)

12 April 2007

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Comments (6)

I enjoyed this poem very much. Very potent poem! Well done.
and this addiction won't hurt! a cleevrly penned poem!
JoJo, all Im going to say is FAB Poem. You know the rest. Top Marks and thanks for sharing it. Dodgy Dave
Better than speed, poetry is the only drug we need... JoJo don`t get too high..10
Addictive indeed JoJo, but it is its own rehab too. Danny; ¬)
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