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New Feelings
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

New Feelings

New feelings

I have this feeling of lost, unsure of whom I am
I am scared and once again someone has come to me unplanned
Were do I start and how do I deal with this new feeling
I feel walls crushes all the way both side crushing me in.
Please help me understand its ok to feel this way
Take me away and teach me that hurt can come and go
One thing is for sure don’t hide from love because not good for your soul
Oh please let me be for a once at ease and fall again
Because one thing for sure I am a open soul and have a full heart
I just don’t want it broken again so please help me
Tell me it’s going to be alright now and I can turn to the light.
Light of the sunshine in your face and the smile that shines bright
The look that you all so all ore of me and I am the one for you
I promise if you give me time I will be there for you and feel it too.

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