New Friends

Everyone I meet as I walk through life,
I take to my heart as a friend.
I try not to make enemies
out of anyone I meet.
Friendship means a lot to me.
Some people say I walk with angels.
I am not so sure about that.
What I am sure of
is that I walk with friends
wherever I may go.
My arms are always open
to help and greet any stranger
that I may meet.
The world to me is filled with strangers
I have yet to know.
Strangers who will become,
another new friend
when we chance to meet.

by David Harris

Comments (3)

You are truly blessed as a person being able to be a friend to all....Not many can make that claim.......great write from a kind soul.........marci.m.
A stranger is just someone you haven't met yet......and you are an angel with the biggest heart that's off the charts...: O)
A stranger is just another friend who you havent met yet... So the saying goes..10