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New Generation

I needed some aspirin the other day,
So I went to the chemist’s round the corner.
There were many customers in the shop,
But I particularly noticed
A beautiful long-haired lady in brown trousers and a red jumper.
Suddenly I saw a little girl running towards her.
She was about four years old,
Her hair was long and fair too.
She was wearing a lovely pink dress,
A blue bracelet and a purple necklace.
“She is a very pretty girl”, I thought,
“She must be the lady’s daughter”.
All of a sudden I heard everybody laugh.
The child was holding something in her right hand,
Some pastilles probably.
I was surprised at the people’s reaction.
Most children like sweets, don’t they?


Do you know what the little girl wanted her Mum to buy her?

A box of pink…


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