IU (3 december 1939 / Village Finta, Dambovitza)

New Haiku Poems

The Son crucified;
leaned on the cross
God cry

after bombardment
all bodies
the twinning

dead clown -
trickster tumbles
around coffin

an whole mountain
of steril
for only one haiku!

globe-trotter resting
near him passes
a snail

bell of vespers
hermits and angels
pray together

Spring -
the angel of God flourishes
the apricot tree

cherry full of fruits
knocking in my window:
he touched its target

my father
near the house pillar;
both carved by weather

clear night
nightingales of dew
children smile in your sleep

from the old cross
morning raised
a gentle bud

clock fault
time off
lack of a screw

summer rain
little boat of paper
fill the ditch

frail foot bridge -
one towards other,
two blind people

you and me on the bench
our souls
speak in mind

hot beach
an itinerant cameraman
with mountain landscape

(translated from romanian)

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a very interesting collections.this para appealed to me 'an whole mountain of steril for only one haiku! ' voted 10 surya