New Hampshire With Love

New Hampshire with Love
I fell in love with New Hampshire
A beautiful land with nice scenery

Large and diversified
sweet character of nature

it is beautiful in all seasons
it offers lot of recreations

from summer breeze and fresh air
to spring and lovely flowers

to the fall season and foliage
to winter and snow skiing

New Hampshire has lot of plains
High mountains and hills

Ponds, lakes and lagoons
in rustic views and relaxation

A place where you can hike
Have picnics and enjoy the food

A not very populous state
There is a reason to escape crowds

There are many small towns and cities
Manchester is the largest in population

Nashua is the second largest
But smaller Concord is the capital

Portsmouth a small historic town
Lies on the shore of Atlantic ocean

Not far away is Hampton State Park
and grand casino for culture events

New Hampshire geography places it
near many other fascinating states

Massachusetts to the south
Green Vermont to the west

and the State of Maine to the east
and in the North there is Canada

The old province of Quebec
Where the French and English are spoken

New Hampshire has lot of amusements
Ideal place for great entertainment

Watching the dancing black bears
at the Clark's Trading State Park

Ride the whistling choo choo train
Passing through the woods and river

The Franconia Notch state park
Enjoy camping, swimming and, boating

The high peak Washington mountain
With super skiing slopes and challenge

The famous skiing resorts and dining
The Aerial Tramway with terrific view

The magnificent lake Winnipesaukee
with azure color water and many islands

You can see all that
and much more to enjoy

When you visit the state
of fabulous New Hampshire

by Sherif Monem

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a good descriptive poem of what seems to be a nice place? ..........well penned.