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New Holland Honeyeaters

In their dark and grey feathers and their wings tipped with gold
The new holland honeyeaters lovely to behold
And long thin bills for probing for nectar in the blossoms and flowers
That bloom on bushes and trees in the sunshine and showers
Quite pretty to look at though seemingly frail and small
They do not seem to fear bigger birds much at all
From the flowering banksia they chase the bigger wattlebird away
There is might in numbers as some are known to say
Like most honeyeaters they have not been blessed with a memorable song
But by their low scratchy twitterings one could not get them wrong
Nature poets to poetry they do seldom inspire
But them for their colours one cannot help but admire
Small nectar eating birds in dark, grey and gold
Gregarious in their ways and lovely to behold.

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