New Image (Hi-Tech)

In the humanities world
of visions and dreams
came to a discoveries
of an highly inventions
that is Technology,
invades the human society
made every living creatures
from a world of simplicity
to a high technology
became a world of
addiction, complication,
condition and manipulation

It was not the nation
that i've used to knew
for it is now a world of aliens
that colonized the humans
of an ever inventions
makes all possibilities
that even us man's tolerate
for it takes a one click
here it easily comes

that's why,
we complied in these setting
for it's what they say,
the new image of society;
or i say, the last and forever be
the colony of Technology
for all what we saw around:
gadgets, cellphones, computers,
i-pod, mp3/4 and many others
that Technology made possible.

by cris sison

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