New Image

Poem By Tessa Eichhorst

All my life I've been criticized about
my body. These past five years it has
been myself doing the criticizing. Never
have I seen myself as pretty, not even
remotely close. No matter what anyone
told me, my eyes always saw a low self-
esteemed ugly duckling.

Well, that was then, and a new image
must break through the glass. I have
shattered that cruel mirror along with
those words-well most of them
anyways. Still critical am I of how I
look, but the self-esteem has improved.
This new image is a more spirited girl,
one who only takes her words hard.

The new image I have discovered is
a new phase in my life, one I never
thought I'd enter. The new girl I am
doesn't care what others say; they
are downcast, cruel, and in one
ear out the other. Too bad this
couldn't have emerged much earlier
with a better sense of self.

Thank you Lord for helping me form
a better, positive new image.

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