Only The Fruitful Trees Are Targeted

Only The Fruitful Trees are Targeted
By: Freeyad Ibrahim
You..who are prominent
and subjected to ill-reports
and affected by calumny
Be happy…Don't worry
All great minds through history
were subjects of malicious anecdotes
and targets of sharp tough tongues
think about it in a hurry
How many people die every day
in the universe;
But no one is mentioned
save the prominent
who were targets of gossips
of the bad

Keep in mind
All great minds were seen mad
in the eyes of the mad
until the mad realized
that it was they who were mad.!
How many green and dry trees
are on the earth,
But none is assailed with stones,
save that which bears fruit

by Freeyad Ibrahim

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The tensions and interrelations between countries and diplomacies is well captured Hasmukhji. Wish we could garner an amicable solution and end the cold war. Thank you for the share. Annapurna Sharma, Jan 03,2018
The China has its own malice intention Until then, there will be thaw in international relation