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New Life

Couldn’t sleep last night
I was pretending, you are still in love with me
Tears rolled down on my cheeks
Few landed up on my palm and formed a mirror
What I saw was full of fear
You were kissing him, in full gear
Should I kill my self or hold on

A squall of wind came and shook the curtains
I tried to smell you
But I smelled you and someone else
Now this breeze will hurt me life long
Should I kill my self or hold on

I didn’t want to live
I picked a knife and was ready to cut a wound deep
Few tears dropped on the knife and again formed a mirror
I saw Mom, Dad, arms wide open

I heard Dad saying, “Hold on son”
I saw big pain and love in Mom’s eyes
I felt heartbeats at my foot; my dog was licking me
Asking me Eternally to do something wise
I read in his eyes,
The greatest love is of Mom’s and then Dog’s and then Sweetheart’s
Thank God for Mom and Dad
I am not Sad
I promise I will start a new life.

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