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New Life
MJB (July 1,1985 / Washington, DC)

New Life

Poem By Michael J. Burt

five long years...
to date...this journey is finally becoming easier
as each hour, day, and month...pass me by
joy is what i feel,
and it feels so real
new life has just begun.

how could all of that pleasure,
bring me so much pain?
i couldn’t have been thinking.
this new life is worth it...and so good
it all began with me,
i did this for me.

acknowledgement and acceptance was my cure
now the pain is gone,
finally this time.
death is what happened...to me...or what i thought was me

when new life arrives,
the old must part...
and sadly this time feels good
this rollercoaster has ended
i have made up my mind.

i shall stand, for what i believe,
what i feel
be...who i am.
this new life is ready.
it started with me...
i must continue it alone
for this
is...my destiny.
new life

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