LH ( / London)

New Mouse

It scampers to and fro so quick,
A skater on an oil slick,
Provides the arrow to my bow
And downhill to my finger flow,
The melting to my burning wick,
The payday to my turning trick,
The easy-street, the way-to-go,
I’ve never loved a rodent so!


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Comments (4)

Wee, sleekit...oh, not that kind, sorry. Just kidding - what a cute and witty ode to the only rodent that stays on the table while we're on the floor! Great poem. Hugs Anna xxx
Linda! A delightful ode to a new mouse! Just got one the other day and it's much more 'alive' than the old, toothless one. Thanks for this creative take on the subject. I share in your joy!
The rhythm and flow of your words so beautifully portrayed the to-and-fro movement of the mouth. Your words have magic. More, Linda. Susie.
Do you know something, this rodent exterminater doesn't know then Linda? All rodents need to be brought to ground in my book anyway! lol Lovely work Tai