New Opportunities Will Soon Be Offered

Listen up everyone.
I have great news.
As an incentive...
I've been informed...
New opportunities will soon be offered.

It's about time.
Most of us have been waiting for so long! '

That's good to hear.
Keep up that enthusiasm.
Each one of you take a blindfold.

We are going to be surprised? '

Shocked is more like it.
Can everyone see?
Those award winning thoroughbred horses,
Will soon be set free.
Each one of you...
After being blindfolded,
Are to attach on the backs of each one...
Your name and addresses.

Those able to succeed,
Will be given monetary prizes.
Worth thousands of dollars!

'That's impossible!
We can not do that.'

This is no time to start doubting your abilities.
Keep in mjind,
Each horse will be running at top speed.

'You're trying to kill us.'

You can either look at it that way?
Or look at your cups as being half full!
Any more questions?
You have 10 minutes,
To discuss amongst yourselves...
Any and all strategies preferred.
Good luck to all of you.
Happy holidays.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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