MCP ( / Portugal)

New Orleans

No food, no electricity, no home, no prompt help!
Everywhere the catastrophic signs left by Hurricane Katrina
With the unacceptable authorities'delay...
Towards relief efforts in the social arena!

Once, on the Mississippi river, this famous city -
The Big Easy -
Remembered for its traditional Mardi Gras and brassbands
Lavish with its intense street and night life
Ebullient across the French Quarter
And the legendary Bourbon Street
Now it is empty and still flooded
Sounding ghostly and hugely damaged! !

(5th Sept 2005)

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A very sad but realistic picture painted here Maria, you cover it well. I still understand there is little help going on there. I just don't understand why, it's still taking so long to help these people. Another excellent write Maria.--Melvina--