(11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

New Orleans - Katrina's Fury

Katrina, rushed head long into her fury,
down came the mighty waters like that of a raging Sea.
In every corner of New Orleans we clearly see,
just how cruel our dear Mother Nature can be.
This once beautiful city,
rich with a history that can be compared by none other,
is no more.
Streets that once abound with laughter and joy,
now weep in despair.
'We are a proud people', say one and all,
'we shall not let this defeat us, on our knees we shall fall.'
each person praying to the Heavens, 'God, please hear our call! '
'Sweet, Jesus, help us build back our lives once again,
With you beside us, never will our faith end.'
Children crying,
as their mother's and fathers are dying.
'Help me! ', is the cry that can be heard from those innocent,
young and old,
As they grasp to hold on, let us from them not go.
Let us come together in unison,
as brothers and sisters we stand together in this plight,
We will not give up on them till we make things right.
Lives spent in just an instant, called up to the light,
Become our guardian angels,
God's precious souls of the night.

by Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

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