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! New Road

Birds sing, morning feeding..
babies cry.. for a mothers nurture..
kids go out and play.. smiles and laughter..

One day I was small, not knowing anything at all..
second day.. I was tall, learning it all..
third day.. I grew up, falling in love..

Am I ready for the world?
cuz I'm about to take it on..
I'll go head to head with nature.. man vs. man..
Love vs the world..
I doubt I'm ready..
but I'm ready to go..

I'll pray everyday..
I'll remember to call friends and family..
all my bags are packed..
whats beyond this fence is a completely different road..
New adventures to be found..
and new love to explore..
My world is undiscovered..

What bout yours? ?

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i loved it very nice piece has a lot of heart and soul really lets me see what u visulaize in life loved it keep writing
I really like this peice.. it is well witten and you can visualize what is happening as you are reading it... I LOVE IT! ! !