New Roads Are Not Taken

My roads maybe an old ones,
My roads maybe new ones.

When I reach a junction or crossroad,
There are many roads to choose.

There are roads always taken by all,
But there are roads not taken at all.

So I’ve a choice to make
Always lookout for clues for better journey,
Become a smart traveller along my journey.

New road might lead us no way,
But it might lead me in a new way.

Best road is not always best,
Bad road is not always bad.

New road is danger and not always good,
Old road is safe but not always best.

I’ve a choice to decide later,
But let me decide not later.

As it might be too late.
Let my instinct and passion decide now.

Which roads should I take at this junction?
Which may lead me in new life and new dream.

Perhaps new roads are not taken by all,
Perhaps I can take new roads to new destinations.

There are many ways to new Heaven,
As many as travelers around the globe.
Let us find new roads which are not taken.

by Lawrence CH Hiun

Comments (3)

This is a great poem, Lawrence. So true: many of us refuse the comfort of the common road. Sometimes, new roads are to be taken. Sometimes we need to dare to take a leap in the unknown. there is a risk to it, but if we connect to our soul, it tends to tell us which way to take.
Excellent......reinterpretation of the old wine.........................I invite you to read and rate my writes.....Thanks.
as long as roads are concerned we can use GPS and for the poem it is too great..thank you for sharing such a wonderful thought..