New Salem

The ugliest,
most racist
and rudest
returns from her lair
in some corner of hell,
to remind those who see her
and those who would flee her
that the hound's on the loose
and all is not well.

With arrogance baying
and ignorance braying,
she'll feed on your fears
like some wolf in the night.
And sweet, gentle Jesus,
she rips and she squeezes
till your soul is bereft
of hope and of light.

With jewels a-blazing,
with cruelty amazing,
she lashes the wind.
She singes the heart.
And while your life shatters,
on broomstick (in tatters) ,
she howls to the wicked
who applaud her dark art.

by Will Thomas

Comments (1)

I don't believe this is meant to be misogynistic, and neither is what I'm saying: this is one ugly/strangely compelling woman, someone you can't help watching but wish you'd never seen... Guys: beware. That's a soul-sucker!