IU (3 december 1939 / Village Finta, Dambovitza)

New Sentences

- There are people who continue to live making only shadow
- Uncultivated field is filled with weeds, and the same your soul if you don't care
- Dog don't bites a fallen man (at earth) while the man often kills with satisfaction his foe, remained defenseless
- The alone perpetual motion in running, I am aware, is the universe
- Man is running after pleasure and collects suffering and less wisdom
- Ambition and perseverance can lead you to a high aim, but not stubborn
- When I will see only my mistakes, then certainly I will be on track
- When I think to fashion extravagances for instance, I think devil ridicules who can and does not lack customers
- If man does not respect the world he lives, the world will not respect him.

(translated from romanian)

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