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MLK ( / Alameda, California)

New Surroundings

One little rock stood all alone;
An orphan from his mountain home.
He looked around, and said, with fear,
"I wish my boulder ma was here."

"Back home I stayed by ma rock's side
Until there was a mountain slide;
Then I was scared and bounced away
To where the river flows today."

"The yonder mountains, huge and round,
Make me feel worthless on the ground.
Who cares about a rock like me?
I wish that I was born a tree."

While orphan rock was pondering all
The memories he could recall,
A subdued voice said, "Hi there, friend,
I thought my life was near an end."

"Then tide and sand brought me to you;
A barrier I couldn't pass through.
You kept me warm and held me fast
Until the terrible storm did pass."

The rock looked down, and he could see
A pebble sparkling beautifully.
Brilliant in the sun's warm beam;
How the tiny stone did gleam.

The rock now knew the reason why
He left his home and family tie,
For on the sand, and by his side
He found his lovely pebble bride.

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