New Techniques

'I know who I am!
And I ain't tryin' to convince nobody.
I'm not seeking...
Nor am I looking for anyone's approval.
Especially yours! '

Hold up here!
Where is 'that' coming from?

'My lips to your ears.
You deaf?
Or are you on life support? '

I just said 'hello'.
That was a greeting.
Nothing more or nothing less!

How do I know that?
And what are you waiting for?
A response?
A smile?
A show of gratitude?
Or maybe you were hoping for a conversation?
To get me to tell all my business.
You wearing a body mic?
You with the FBI?
And don't stare at me...
Like you looking at some fool!
You folks always trying some new techniques,
Just to catch a 'brutha' off guard!
I'm not having it!
Take your 'hello' and try that crap on somebody else!
I know my 'rights'!
Do you think 'everybody' out here is 'nutts'? !
That's right!
You better walk away! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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