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New Technology
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New Technology

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

No one writes a letter
these days
the old fashioned way
New technology
is leading us all gradually astray

Ignoring a pen and paper
We now put words to solder
With a word processor
Documents spurned out
of printers like sprinters
Technology has become
our instant saviour
our new child and adult molestor
Can you see what we can do
without the creator

One, two, three, four
It only takes a second to score
It only takes a second to open doors
On the internet on each floor
Pay with your credit card
Or be redeemed as mad

One, two, three, four
It only takes a second to turn
from and angel to a bitch
that is hardcore
Leaving everyone sour and sore
On the chat websites
She only uses her words to fight

One, two, three, four
It only takes a second to explore
It only takes a second to ignore
and destroy mother nature
With the push of a button
sounds cannot be muffled by cottons

Forget the days of licking stamps
Posting envelopes in a mailbox
Email messages are gathering in flocks
abundantly countless
Please stop this madness
defined as email spam
filling up your memory ram
I suppose that is what
New Technology is here for

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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This is the ennui of modern life; here to stay, and most presumably 'advance' and take charge of our lives. But what happens to us? That is the epic question. thank you for your poem. Cheers; BWF.