New World

We need a new world, Ours is obstinate, cold, closed-minded, and ugly.
If we could live in a world where we honor and love one another,
whether we are straight/gay, black/white, faint/strong, thick/thin, uniform or eccentric.
We could be "one kind", equal.
Our world would receive enough rain and shine without leaving anyone yearning or dreading.
People would give the best and receive the same in return.
We would all be equal.
No one greater, no one lesser.
Pain & fear would not be in our vocabulary.
Exception, love, trust, respect, loyalty, honor and joy would be a part of our language.
One would treat another as their own flesh.
I know this world I have created is not realistic nor is it attainable even in my dreams.
Perhaps it can be found in the afterlife.

by Susanna C. Hemphill

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