New Year

The New Year
In a pack
Of playing cards!

No one knows
What the New Year
Holds for us!

The pack contains
52 cards
Plus two jokers!

The 52 cards
Make the 52 weeks—
One card
For each week!

The jokers
Joy and sorrow!

One of them
Will attend on us
Every moment,
Every minute,
Every hour,
Every day,
Every week
And, every month
Of the year

So, there is going to be
A fair mix
Of good time
And, bad time
For all of us
Throughout the year!

And, it is going to be
The jokers
That are going to decide
Your fortune
For the New Year!

by Vincent Van Ross

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bravo, simple clever poem conception i like it i smile to you! I vote 10++++++++++++++++++++
An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned. A beautiful analogy employed to drive home your conviction. Thanks for sharing Vincent.