(12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

New Year, New Yearning

A new year bestows hope
Promises new pages
Sliding on a salient slope
Where the wise earn deserved wages.

A new year erases mad memories
Folks would rather forget
As they pen in their dainty diaries
‘Don't entertain in the new year a regret secret.'

A new year opens vistas
Teeming with profound possibilities
For folks to metamorphose into stars
Provided they make good the propulsion probabilities.

A new year affords a chance
To grace, bless and to assess
The right wrong balance
In an effort to forestall any further stress.

A new year swings into action
An opportunity to recast lives
Into the right direction devoid of malefaction
As the dawn of hope arrives and thrives.

A new year whips sorrow
Into submission and humiliation
So long as society seizes tomorrow
To spread affection, benediction, restoration and cooperation.

by John Sensele

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