MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

New Year Resolution

Ah! Another fleeting year has passed,
In slackness I ruthlessly lavished,
“Time” the most precious asset of life.

Nothing I did to be esteemed,
Only the false vows I made,
Deceived myself and the fellows too,
Built the high walls of illusions,
The spiders of follies wove,
The cobweb of confounding confusions.

I just have peeped into the inner-self,
And wildly shocked to discover,
The container with numerous holes
In the bottom; and all sooty black,
The coins I dropped, passed rattling,
Through the dismal hollowness,
To the other side unnoticed,
Spoiling the hard-earned stock.

I resolve nothing but to bang the holes,
Mend the perforated parts,
In the coming years; and bother not,
Whether I take,
The container filled or unfilled along.

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