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New Year's Blank Pages

Casting off old skin the year slips
Like a snake, flicks a tongue forked to taste
The New Year in hope the gala performance
Of fireworks and spray of stars will welcome
It back into paradise.
Beaten like a brat from a birch above
The Caribbean broke but retains
Its pulse for the sway of Calypso
Music and a fresh rub of the green.
I dance to the beat in my bones
And the shift of blood skates to feet
Releasing old clutch and pressing the pedal
Of dreams. I summon my well with a weave
And wish, for wishes are my shield against
Foul forces and feeble governance.
But will the coming year dance Chhau with shield?
I chip to time as I swing to tune,
Slip and slide, swerve and shake, yielding
Freely to space, to movement,
Free from the vice of yesterday.
Now, I kick up heels, let loose and make merry
As the gods look down secretly.
I will rock until the cockerel's crow
Draws in night's shadow and light steps in
For the last dance.
Shelved on the horizon time sits inching -
So my  body sings, spirits tease, owls shriek
And I glide and skip wildly turning
Blank pages of a New Year.

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