(June 10,1947 / St. Paul MN)

New Year's Day 2018

I missed the moment TIME
turned on itself and faced
a new year. A single spin
in the quantum realm and it is
January the First, with a double-
faced god, looking ahead and
behind, acknowledging both past
and future, perhaps balancing
the two to make TIME one reality.
And then there is that heightened
flash in which the present asserts
itself as the very moment of beginning.
I failed on that last night of the old year
to balance being awake and being asleep:
the midnight moment found me napping,
for just the crucial half-hour before
the twelve chimes announced 2018.
My chosen music, Beethoven's Rasoumovsky
Quartet No.2, in which the strings evoke
the calm constellations arching over us,
played itself into silence. I can take
no credit for this year's turning: I was
just an unconscious man, not even playing
the role of witness, offering neither help
nor hindrance to an event so much larger
than my existence as a denizen of surfaces.
And TIME in its mighty solitude unfolds our lives
toward whatever welcoming eternity awaits us.

by Daniel Brick

Comments (2)

Your poem is a splendid dissertation on passing time. Plato wrote, ''Time is eternity that sees its own implementations.'' Happy New Year, dear Daniel! 10
denizen of surfaces—cool! daniel. then the sharp switch to whatever welcoming eternity awaits us. i like this. i definitely relate to sleeping away the midnight hour. more on new year thoughts in an email. -glen