The Angels' Song

Singing a song of immortal light.
These angels aroung me grant me flight.
Soaring so high, so bravely amonst the clouds.
I never had foreseen the unexpecting dark shrouds.
The sky starts to crash unto the Earth down below it.
I am the only one safe, the only one not hit.
I land on the ground to save whoever I can.
Until I am killed when a cloud destructs the land.
Falling forever, never falling.
I stop on a pedastal surrounded by ringing.
I cover my ears in fear of losing auditory sense.
But when it is over my body starts to tense.
For the angels whose singing has long since past.
Cover my soul with dark wings emensly vast.
My conscience is gone and my body revolts.
I wake up in darkness with a sudden large jolt.
I no longer care for anyone's life.
I no longer wonder how I came upon this strife.
But as for now I must endure this pain.
Until the angels decide to continue their game.
All existence is gone and I no longer worry.
But my sin comes upon me in a large, dark furry.
It stabs my heart until I am gone.
And after that murder the angels sing their song.

by Jamyson Hoelscher

Comments (6)

Very nice poem. I liked it.
You are right, Susan. The poem in the original language probably had a different number of syllables. I really do wonder what the original said. The translation of that third line seems somewhat strange to me.
There are [a] different kinds of haiku- they're not all 5-7-5, and [b] translation into English mangles many good haiku! so just go with the flow and wonder what the original said
that ever present contrast of outside - inside, penned by haiku master
That is the beginning for a grand finale at the end!
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