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New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, January 1,2016

I was flying high until I came crashing down
Laughing at me was the circus clown
The world hadn't changed a single bit
Gloomy the room for the Pub that's not well lit
A drunken stoop certified my membership
I lost my buzz trip so another spirit I shall sip

Everything is always the same to my feeble brain
Watched dirty water go down the clean drain
From my faculties, I was now estranged
Yet the same the numbness remained unchanged
Ugly now looks pretty good
Scoring seems more a likelihood

Clouds form unusual shapes
Wine comes from the soured grapes
I wanted to escape before it was too late
So I attempted to change my fate
The world started closing in
So in case I left a letter to my next of kin
I knew I can't drive in such a state
To sober up I shall have to wait

In the rat race, no one wins
Negative narrations the spin doctor spins
Good fortunes escaped me too
Flatten landscapes for my eyes can still see you
Surreal is how it all really feels
Marked cards the cheating dealer deals

Airplanes soar in the sky so why can't I?
Nothing travels faster than a lie
Someone forgot to tell the Bumble Bee it's not supposed to fly
There's not much that money can't buy
Spaceships go where no man has gone before
Someone spilled drinks all over the club's floor
Submerging into the depths of the seas
Seldom events do not happen in threes

Climbed Everest, yet I can't rest
Problems I never expressed
Bad medicines the doctors suggest
Undressed and deeply depressed is not best
Another year has come and pass
So I raised another glass
Barkeep fills me up again once more
Someone will have to carry me out of here for sure

Moments passing between each eye I blink
Never stopping once to think
Downed another Martini that's pink
Out of time and now out of sync
Consciousness rests and at sanity's brink
Did that Elephant at me just wink?
Oder's imitating from the stalls that stink
Shit happens every New Year's Eve that I drink

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