(22/03/66 / Manchester)

New Year, Starting From Tonight

Let's hope this New Year brings us closer
Let's hope it closes the distance the fissure
Let's hope it mends those broken fences
Let's hope it bridges all those gaps.

Let's hope this New Year heals us all
Let's hope it's filled with love and friendship
Let's hope it's a shining example to our kids
Let's hope it kick-starts your heart, starting tonight.

Let's hope this New Year has a resolution
Let's hope that, resolution lasts beyond our lives
Let's hope everyone has fought their last fight
Let's hope we can build a better future.

Starting right-now one second, after midnight.
Starting right-now let's make the future bright.
No use thinking good times are impending,
Let's all make it happen, starting from tonight.

by Mark Heathcote

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Mark, such an inspiring new year poem👍👍👍