New Year Tidings

Let all creatures lend their ears
Censure that which nature bears.

Nature per se, at times rough and rude,
Though, incomparable to man's ingratitude.

If that, time should be my friend,
Then, rejoice, I will have no fiend.

If there is anything faster than time,
There will be no faults of crime.

Then, time with me and me with time will move
He will live with me and be my love.

This year then, will be a time to fain,
It will keep aside, those friends who feign.

A friend who is truly indeed
Will surely help you in your need.

When you are in sorrow, he will weep
When you are awake, he cannot sleep.

Of every grief in your heart,
He with you bears a part.

There are few women who woo-men,
There are a few who woe-men.

If thy woman woes you, let her go,
If she is of wooing archetype, let her so.

The guiles of women, in beauty hidden
Is a deadly charm in the most comely den.

Wherefore this year, time, keep them away
Those woe-to-men, whose man's labor beray.

Keep them aside, antique rock of ages
The malign of those who in jealousy rages.

Protect us, in thy Sacred Hollow bind
To withstand every envious winter's wind.

So, that we may leap by bounds,
As this New Year gradually unfolds.



by Oduma Alex

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