JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

New York

but I think the city is under our feet
the sounds of dream and determination
charge every inch of the streets,
the well polished shoes that shine
the well orchestrated walk
articulated diction and words
they slice through the walls of the skyscrapers
to make them less threatening, more reachable
so that we walk tall
as in america and every of its cities
there is nothing too grand to be had...ask Obama

if you have a dream, you have it half made
the rest is how you walk the dream
go to the subway each morning and there stand quietly
to listen to the walk of each as they go hunting
for their voice and place in the city

the city where you may fall a thousand times but each gets
you tougher than the last, your heart pumping more
excitedly to get you into the acts
- because in New York
you are measured by how you walk to turn around
each disappointment, how you sow the seeds
of your success

listen to how they walk from the subway all the way
to their private offices..each step is so solidly
hammered by a pair of well polished shoes, green,
brown, black or red....they echo a heart that
is all ready to trounce challenges like messi
they bite like appetisers in the banquet
of work, dream and accomplishments

new York new York the city that never sleeps
or lets you down except when you yourself decide to quit
to hand in your ticket half way round the subway system

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Read this one hastily. Sounds interesting, and certainly is well written. Will read it again at a more opportune time. Thanks for sharing.